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Washington Society of Landscape Painters

Works from 24 Juried Artists

August 6 - 28, 2022 

    We are pleased to welcome back the prestigious Washington Society of Landscape Painters for another juried exhibition. The show comprises 33 works from 24 artists, showcasing a range of artistic talent and skills.  


    The juried works include both oil and watercolor paintings and depict a variety of landscapes — from street scenes to ocean waves, floral arrangements, and boating trips. Some of the works are presented with traditional techniques or are painted en plein air, while others take a more modernist or impressionistic approach. The show also includes some abstract pieces for those with a more contemporary eye. With such a range of images, this exhibition has something for every taste. 


    The Washington Society of Landscape Painters is one of the oldest landscape painting groups in the United State, tracing its origins to 1913. The primary focus of the society today is painting outdoors en plein air with fellow members and guest artists, enjoying their camaraderie and constructively critiquing each other’s work. In addition to these paint-outs, the society also promotes the advancement of landscape painting through meetings, exhibitions, and field trips. The organization is now 109 years old. As in 1913, painting on location continues to be the foundation on which its activities are based.


    The artists juried into this exhibition include Jill Banks, Jacalyn Beam, Jean Brinton-Jaecks, Lani Browning, Marietje Chamberlain, Bernard J Dellario, David Diaz, Gray Dodson, Christine Drewyer, Lisa Egeli, Lynn Goldstein, Pattee Hipschen, Harry L Jaecks, Barry D Lindley, Lynn Mehta, Crystal Moll, JoEllen Murphy, Barbara Nuss, Bill Schmidt, Jean Schwartz, Lida Stifel, Nancy Tankersley, Robert Thoren, and Meg Nottingham Walsh.


    The Washington Society of Landscape Painters exhibition will be on display from August 6th to the 28th. Works from the show are available for pre-sale.  

Jill Banks

Artist Jill Banks

“Morning Picnic” 20” x 16” image 27” x 23” framed oil $2,750

Jacalyn Beam

Artist Jacalyn Beam

“Reflections” 12” x 16” image 20” x 24” framed oil $1,500 sold

Jean Brinton-Jaecks

Artist Jean Brinton-Jaecks

“Independence Day” 8” x 10” image 15” x 17 framed watercolor $750

Lani Browning

Artist Lani Browning

“Moonlight Lilies” 30” x 30” image 30” x 30” framed oil $4,000

Artist Lani Browning

“Henlopen” 20” x 30” image 26 x 37” framed oil $3,500

Marietje Chamberlain

Artist Marietta Chamberlain

“Turning Season” 16” x 12” image 22” x 18” framed oil $1,050

Bernard J Dellario

Artist Bernard J Dellario

“Super Moon” 10” x 8” image 13.5” x 11.5” framed oil $700 sold

Artist Bernard J Dellario

“Summer Cottage” 10” x 8” image 13.5” x 11.5” framed oil $700

David Diaz

Artist David Diaz

“Sunday Morning Stroll” 12” x 9” image 17” x 15” framed oil $850

Artist David Diaz

“Capital Morning” 36” x 24” image 36” x 24” framed oil $3,650

Gray Dodson

Artist Gray Dodson

“Sunday Afternoon” 12” x 16” image 18” x 24” framed oil $950

Christine Drewyer

Artist Christine Drewyer

“Ocean Pearl” 20” x 30” image 26” x 36” framed oil $4,200

Artist Christine Drewyer

“Beacon” 24” x 24” image 33” x 31” framed oil $5,600

Lisa Egeli

Artist Lisa Egeli

“Across Slaughter Creek” 9” x 12” image 14” x 17” framed oil $950

Lynn Goldstein

Artist Lynn Goldstein

“Ongoing Ritual” 36” x 36” image gallery wrapped oil $3,100

Artist Lynn Goldstein

“Tracery” 30” x 30” image gallery wrapped oil $2,580

Pattee Hipschen

Artist Pattee Hipschen

“First Bloom Spring” 24” x 36” image 25.5” x 37.5” framed oil $3,000

Harry L Jaecks

Artist Harry Jaecks

“Two Bushells” 13” x 8” image 20” x 15” framed watercolor $1,500

Artist Harry Jaecks

“Wind on the Water Tilghman” 13” x 26” image 22” x 34” framed watercolor $2,400

Barry D Lindley

Artist Barry D Lindley

“Rock Creek Parkway in April” 12” x 24” image 14” x 26” framed oil $1,600

Lynn Mehta

Artist Lynn Mehta

“Morning Dune” 12” x 12” image 18” x 18” framed oil $1,050

Crystal Moll

Artist Crystal Moll

“Doll House Pots” 20” x 20” image 26” x 26” framed oil $2,600

Artist Crystal Moll

“Yellow House” 30” x 15” image unframed oil $2,900

JoEllen Murphy

Artist JoEllen Murphy

“22nd and 10th” 36” x 36” image 36” x 36” framed oil $2,600

Barbara Nuss

Barbara Nuss

“Just Friends” 20” x 16” image 25” x 21” framed oil $2,700

Bill Schmidt

Artist Bill Schmidt

“Lobstering at Owls Head” 16” x 24” image 19” x 27” framed oil $2,200

Jean Schwartz

Artist Jean Schwartz

“Springtime on the Dune” 24” x 30” image 30” x 35” framed oil $3,200

Artist Jean Schwartz

“Lost Horizon” 15” x 18” image 20” x 23” framed oil $1,850

Lida Stifel

Artist Lida Stifel

“Pots of Pansies” 11” x 14” image 17” x 20” framed oil $750

Nancy Tankersley

Artist Nancy Tankersley

“Sleeping Beauty” 18” x 24” image 24” x 30” framed oil $3,500

Artist Nancy Tankersley

“Up for the Season” 12” x 24” image 15” x 27” framed oil $2,400

Robert Thoren

Artist Robert Thoren

“Solitude” 24” x 30” image 31” x 38” framed oil $2,500

Meg Nottingham Walsh

Artist Meg Nottingham Walsh

“Marsh” 20” x 20” image 27” x 27” framed oil $2,800

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