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Molly Sanger Carpenter

Molly Sanger Carpenter was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, where she spent her childhood immersed in art viewing and making. She was enthralled by the forests and fields, beaches and lakes, soaring churches, and nearby museums.


In her formative years, Molly studied with talented and established local artists. These experiences helped her form a foundation of material knowledge that enabled her to venture out on her own as an artist in her early twenties. In 1987, Molly was commissioned for the 12-foot bronze Constitutional Compass Rose in Dover, Delaware. She followed this success with a string of bronze commissions from public and private clients. Finding the time to work, as she raised two children, was a challenge made possible with the support of her family. 

In the 1990s, Molly continued her artistic exploration through experiences with bronze, marble, concrete, glass, and more. She discovered that she is happiest when she completes each step of an artistic process herself. Her latest work combines mediums to create a fine art curio reminiscent of icons and retablos, with a nod to Della Robbia.


Sanger Carpenter’s studio is established in her family’s 300-year-old farm home, where she lives with her husband and two Border Collies. Her children are grown, with children of their own. She looks forward to seeing their progression and to helping them explore and learn along the way.

Artist Statement: 

"I find that creating a complete artwork from raw materials is extremely satisfying to me as an artist. In a sort of alchemy, a pile of clay, glass, paint, and gold flakes is transformed into a one-of-a-kind object that can last for generations.


To start the process, I create the frame design out of clay. I then make my own molds from the finished clay sculpture. Into these molds, I pour hydrocal gypsum with reinforcement, incorporating the hanging mechanism. Once this has cured for a month, I apply the patina, paint the unique image, assemble the mosaic, and layer the gold. Although the process may seem long and laborious, time passes unnoticed by me when I work. My ideas are a compilation of images from my life, inspired by nature, cathedrals, carousels, and the elusive treasures found in my dreams."

Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter

"Blue Footed Booby" 9" tall x 7.5" wide mixed media, dichroic glass, 24k gold $600

Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter

"Tiny Elephant" 4" tall x 4" wide mixed media, dichroic glass, 24k gold $300 sold

Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter

"Fuchsia Octopus" 12" tall x 10" wide mixed media, dichroic glass, 24k gold $850

Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter

"Sandhill Crane" 15.5" tall x 15.5" wide mixed media, amethysts, rose quartz, 24k gold $1,450 sold

Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter

"Small Emerald Moths" 14.5" tall x 10" wide mixed media, dichroic glass, 24k gold $850

The artwork pictured here is a representation of this artist's work. We aim to display only pieces that are currently in the gallery, though some may have been sold. If you are interested in purchasing a particular piece by this artist, please call the gallery at (302) 645-0551.

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