Michelle Marshall

    "My work is primarily focused on landscapes. Living at the beach affords great inspiration for my work. The numerous state parks of the Delaware Bay Watershed and the glades, marshes, and estuaries of the mid-Atlantic region beckon to me. I always begin with a specific place in mind, working both from photos and from direct observation, but my philosophy and technique are that the painting will evolve in its own unique way. The work is impressionistic and tonal, meaning that I am taking into consideration and seeking to evoke a sense of feeling and atmosphere through color and value.


    What I start with is not necessarily what I will end up with, and in this respect, I am consciously influenced by the philosophies of the Abstract Expressionist movement. I believe this keeps the painting fresh and spontaneous and adds a certain abstracted realism to the work. I paint traditional subject matter in a contemporary way. I am often asked about the specifics of my technique. My process has evolved from my early experience in painting and in teaching others in transparent watercolor. With my love of color and texture, it was necessary to do a lot of experimentation to get the effects I desired. I bring the results of this experimentation to my paintings today by using different techniques to put the paint down on canvas or paper: glazing, splattering, scraping, spraying, using cloths and tissues, palette knives, and fingers (utilizing these techniques both in the painting itself and in preparing the gessoed surface as well, prior to painting in color) all in pursuit of a multi-layered and rich painting filled with color, atmosphere, and spontaneity."

Artist Michelle Marshall

"Sunny Day on the Marsh" 30" x 48" image gallery wrapped acrylic $1,500

Artist Michelle Marshall

"From Above" 48" x 30" image 50" x 32" framed acrylic $1,400

Artist Michelle Marshall

"Distant Bay" 24" x 24" image gallery wrapped acrylic $650

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