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Howard Eberle

“The spirit of my work lies in a dramatic composition of simple subject matter.”


Eberle’s talent begins by finding interest in what others often overlook--an intriguing window, the texture of peeled paint on an old, dry-docked boat, a dramatic shadow created by the hinge of a shutter. Eberle starts with a composition that lifts these objects from the ordinary to create an extraordinary painting. 


A self-taught artist, Eberle has been painting in transparent watercolor since 1973.  He started painting professionally in 1990 after a career in retail display where he learned composition, design, and color.  These elements have had a major influence on Eberle’s style which he describes as “abstract realism.”  He eliminates details to get to the essence of the subject matter, incorporates strong shadows into his paintings and often juxtaposes a finely detailed subject on an abstract background.


He loves to paint anything textural--peeled paint, rust, wood grain--which is why he is drawn to things that are aged and weathered.  Yet because of his composition, which has been described as “an almost Oriental use of negative space,” his paintings have a surreal or abstract quality to them. To produce a powerful painting is Eberle’s goal and he uses simplicity to achieve a dramatic effect.


Eberle has gained national recognition through juried exhibitions. He has achieved signature status in the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. The State Museum of Pennsylvania acquired two of Eberle’s paintings for their permanent collection.


Artist Howard Eberle

“Crabshack” 13.5” x 29.5” image 26” x 42” framed dry-brush watercolor $2,800

Artist Howard Eberle

“Pueblo” 15” x 11” image 25” x 21” framed dry-brush watercolor $975

Artist Howard Eberle

“Tilghman Park House 1” 22” x 15” image 32” x 24” framed dry-brush watercolor $1,900

The artwork pictured here is a representation of this artist's work. We aim to display only pieces that are currently in the gallery, though some may have been sold. If you are interested in purchasing a particular piece by this artist, please call the gallery at (302) 645-0551.

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