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Guest Artist of the Month

Joe Terrone

Showing September 1 - 30, 2023

The Peninsula Gallery's Guest Artist program highlights a different artist each month. The line-up of participants includes our gallery's repeat exhibitors, as well as artists entirely new to the space. Visit the gallery each month to see the guest artist's special collection and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn behind-the-scenes information about their background and creative process.

Artist Joe Terrone

“Gulls Landing” 9” x 11.5” image 13” x 16” framed oil $600

Artist Joe Terrone

“Waiting” 10” x 19” image 14” x 23” framed oil $1,650

Artist Joe Terrone

“An Awakening” 11” x 14” image 14” x 17” framed oil $800

Artist Joe Terrone

“Marsh Rising” 14” x 24” image 21” x 31” framed oil $1,100

Artist Joe Terrone

“Dune Grass” 11” x 14” image 16” x 19” framed oil $800 sold

Artist Joe Terrone

“Left Alone” 11” x 14” image 16” x 19” framed oil $800 sold

Artist Joe Terrone

“Serenity” 12” x 15.5” image 15” x 19” framed oil $850 sold


Joseph Terrone is a professional landscape painter, who was featured in the July 2016 issue of Delaware Beach Life Magazine. Mr. Terrone spends most of his time painting around the lower Delaware area, teaching at various art leagues, as well as teaching privately in his studio. He has also been selected as a juror for various shows. His painting, “Last Snow,” was selected as a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s 28 annual competition. Mr. Terrone’s plein air paintings have been collected throughout the United States and Europe. He has been included in a show at the Brooklyn Museum as well as in several other national galleries.

After completing graduate school at Pratt University, Mr. Terrone worked abstractly in mixed media on paper. The success he was enjoying was met head on by a strong desire to revisit realism. He began to paint outdoors. The experience was a spiritual awakening and he decided to move his energies into landscape painting. This combination of realism and abstraction was transformed into the unique energy evident in his work. Originating from his abstract art background coupled with his response to plein air painting, his paintings act as vehicles to express his love of nature through color, movement, and light. His work has been influenced by Emile Gruppe’ and other artists of the Cape Ann and Bucks County area.

Artist Statement

"Gazing through the misty morning sky that rises from the calm moving water, I am moved beyond description at the beauty around me. As the sun forces its way through the moisture-laden atmosphere, the picture changes, yellows begin to invade the blues, purples, and grays. The mist begins to lift and a new picture unfolds.


From the first time I painted the landscape, I was both moved and challenged by trying to capture the overwhelming beauty before me. Learning to see, feel, and express the environment on canvas. I studied the works of artists from the Cape Ann and Bucks County schools and revisited the impressionists and the immediacy of my earlier non-objective paintings. This brought me to a point where the expression of the object, through light, began to create a spiritual connection with the landscape.

In the past, my painting was a means of expression, transferring my feelings into non-objective emotionally charged abstract imagery, adding layers upon layers of textures, materials, colors, and shapes. Today my landscape painting is done mostly on location. The connection I experience with nature and the challenge of getting it right is what brings me back time and again.


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and lived throughout the borough until 1994, when I moved to Bergen County NJ, where I live with my wife and children. We recently moved to Rehoboth, DE, where I am painting and teaching. I studied drawing, painting, and sculpture at Brooklyn College and then graduated from Pratt Institute, with an MFA in painting. I have been a member of the Plein Air Painters of New Jersey, The Society of Plein Air Painters, The Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters, The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association, the Rehoboth Art League, and Mispillion Art League. I have had numerous exhibitions, including a group show at the Brooklyn Museum. I have been selected three times to participate in “Paint the Town” a premier plein air event being held in Cranford, NJ as well as the North Bennington Plein Air Competition in North Bennington VT. and the Finger Lakes plein air event in New York. My painting “Last Snow” was selected as a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s, 28th annual competition, and 'Time for a Change' won first place in a Regional Juried show in New Jersey."

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