Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro

Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries around the United States and Europe. He has been featured in media such as the New York Times and Fine Art Views, where he has been described as "A master at evoking a mood and a sense of time and place." Gonzalo is also one of the most popular art instructors in the DC area, conducting regular classes at the Yellow Barn Studio, Maryland, and summer workshops at the Amalfi Coast Music and Art Festival, Italy.

He started his formal education pursuing a Master's in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, Spain. This was followed by studies on Drawing and Painting at the University of Toledo, the College of Doctors and Graduates in Madrid and the Taller del Prado Academy in Madrid. Later, Gonzalo had the privilege of working under the personal instruction of noted Spanish portraitist Carlos Moreu Spa and studied figure painting at the Academy of Art and Contemporaneous Artists in Madrid, under the direction of the world-renown Chilean artist Guillermo Muñoz Vera.

His oils and pastels are infused by a passion for light and color, following the tradition of the impressionists, in particular, the school that developed in Spain and it has its maximum exponent in Joaquin Sorolla. Gonzalo’s love for tradition meets with exquisite use of color, freedom of composition and expressiveness of strokes. 

The artwork pictured here is a representation of this artist's work. We aim to display only pieces that are currently in the gallery, though some may have been sold. If you are interested in purchasing a particular piece by this artist, please call the gallery at (302) 645-0551.

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