Featured Artist of the Month

Nina Mickelsen

    The Peninsula Gallery's Featured Artist of the Month event highlights a different artist each month. The line-up of participants includes some of the gallery resident artists, repeat exhibitors, and artists entirely new to the space. Visit the gallery each month to see the featured artist's special collection and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn behind-the-scenes information about their background and creative process.

Artist Nina Mickelsen

"Dune Grass 21" x 51" 1" 50" x 20" image 51" x 21" framed acrylic and ink $1,400

Artist Nina Mickelsen

"Dune Grass 21" x 51" 2" 50" x 20" image 51" x 21" framed acrylic and ink $1,400

Artist Nina Mickelsen

"Marsh Grass 27" x 27" 1" 26" x 26" image 27" x 27" framed acrylic and ink $1,200 sold

Artist Nina Mickelsen

"Marsh Grass 27" x 27" 2" 26" x 26" image 27" x 27" framed acrylic and ink $1,200

The Peninsula Gallery welcomes back popular abstract pop artist Nina Mickelsen as our October featured artist. 

As a Finland native, Nina Mickelsen’s artistic roots are in Nordic design: clean, bright colors, bold shapes, crisp, strong lines — conveying energy, strength, and motion. She draws her inspiration from nature but also from contemporary design.


Nina came to art later in life after a long career in international business across Europe and the US. Being curiosity-driven, she studied printmaking, painting, and digital art while completing a Certificate in Graphic Design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC, having already received an MBA and Ph.D. degrees in Business Administration. In 2008, she started showing her work publicly and has since participated in juried art shows along the East Coast, from Connecticut to Florida. She has shown solo in Washington DC (Martha Spak Gallery), as well as at Thaler Gallery and Peninsula Gallery in Delmarva. She works and lives in Lewes, Delaware, and teaches screen printing in her studio. 


“Being a 2D artist, I work in acrylic silk screening, as well as mixed media. My work has been called ‘progressive’ and was characterized by the Washington Post as ‘Latter-Day Pop-Art.’ I am equally comfortable working with realistic, graphic shapes as I am with abstract, slightly sculptural work.


I express myself through two artistic avenues: through precise silk screening and mixed media, often combining the two. My silkscreens, typically depicting beach-like lightness, are playful and expressive at heart — bold colors on canvas blending with familiar iconography of the Mid-Atlantic beaches. While my mixed media work explores the contrast between controlled shapes and natural free strokes. I am drawn to search the juxtaposition of order and chaos, control and total freedom — an eternal dialogue between discipline and abandon or the breaking of perfection. 


At times, I mix screen printing, acrylics, epoxy resin, metal leaf, cloth, plaster, and heavy textures on various surfaces — linens, canvas, and cradled wood board. Using epoxy resin also allows me to work in multiple transparent layers, adding shadows and impactful depth to my work — as Mark Jenkins, in a review of my gallery show in Washington DC, stated: ‘the buried depths belie the pristine skin’ – hiding the inner turmoil.”