Bob Whiting

Bob Whiting is a native of Ocean View, Delaware. He has been carving decoys for the past 30+ years and has received awards in many competitions including the Ward World Show, held every April in Ocean City, MD. He enjoys the research that goes into every carving of a new species such as the habits, habitats, and design of the final decoy. His decoys have been featured in the News Journal as well as a national magazine. Generally, there are three styles of decoy carving:


  • The "smoothie style" whereby fewer hours are involved and they take on a more rustic appearance.

  • The "competition style" is very time consuming and requires that every feather is individually cut in and burned to be as realistic as possible.

  • The original "gunning style" is not represented here, but would involve simpler carving and painting and is what the hunter would use when putting out a few dozen decoys or more.


Bob's decoys are carved from pine or tupelo. The legs are usually made from cast metal and each carving is painted by hand with brush and airbrush acrylics. Sometimes the legs are carved from wood and supported by hidden metal structures. The rustic decoys are lightly burned prior to painting to enhance the wood grain and natural cracks or knots.

Artist Bob Whiting

"Tri-color Heron" 27" tall x 10.5" wide wood $495

Artist Bob Whiting

"Ring Bill Gull" 16" tall x 13" wide wood $475

Artist Bob Whiting

"Blue Heron" 29" tall x 14" wide wood $495 sold

Artist Bob Whiting

"Shoveller Duck" 5" tall x 17" wide wood $275 sold

The artwork pictured here is a representation of this artist's work. We aim to display only pieces that are currently in the gallery, though some may have been sold. If you are interested in purchasing a particular piece by this artist, please call the gallery at (302) 645-0551.