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Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Fine Art and Custom Framing in Lewes, Delaware
Peninsula Gallery Presents...
"Larger than Life"

Oversized paintings 36"x48" and larger

Showing May 4 --- 26

    Immerse yourself in towering artwork that explodes with color and detail, absorbing you into the massive images before you! Our May exhibition, “Larger than Life,” presents oversized paintings that measure 12 square feet or bigger. This exhibit provides the perfect showcase for clients looking to fill an empty wall in their homes, offices, or businesses. These vast canvases are from Frank DePietro, Laura Hickman, Barry Koplowitz, and Steve Rogers.  


    Originally from Scranton, PA, Frank DePietro graduated from Bloomsburg University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, later earning a Post Baccalaureate Degree in Art Education from Moore College of Art and Design. In 2010, following several years of painting and teaching, Frank took residence at the world-renowned Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA, where he lived on the property of the gardens until 2021. The submergence into this surrounding nature quickly became the primary source of inspiration for his painting and continues to be the subject of much of his work today. Frank currently resides in Landenberg, PA, teaching classes and workshops at Longwood Gardens, The Delaware Art Museum, and The Center for Creative Arts. For “Larger than Life,” Frank exhibits his large-scale florals, which make the viewer feel minuscule compared to the macro petals. His pieces provide a unique perspective on lotus flowers, water lilies, and magnolia blossoms, engulfing you in the fine details of each leaf and vine.


    Laura Hickman was born in Milford, Delaware, and grew up on Fifth Street in Bethany Beach. She is profoundly influenced by her life at the beach, which is evident in her artwork. She attended Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, graduating with a B.A. in Art, and received an M.F.A. from the University of Delaware in Printmaking and Painting and Drawing. She taught for several years at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and then at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Laura’s hometown beckoned for her return in 1988 when she realized her dream of becoming a full-time artist. For this exhibit, Laura has strayed from her usual pastel medium and, instead, has opted to feature four oil paintings. Three of the pieces capture wistful sunrises and sunsets that employ swaths of color to evoke the feeling of the day's beginning and ending. Meanwhile, the fourth work uses shadow and light to represent the feeling of spring arriving. 


    Although born in Brooklyn, New York, Barry Koplowitz grew up walking distance from a beach. He spent more time walking the rocks and sand in the winter than in summer and was deeply influenced by how the beach is constantly changing. He studied under Lester Polakov at The New York Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City's Greenwich Village district, where he learned the art of painting scenery for theater and film. Since then, Barry has moved from painting for theater to Murals, Studio Painting, Plein Air, and Teaching. He is now located in Southern Delaware. In “Larger than Life,” Barry returns to his original inspiration: the beach. He depicts the various moods and lights of our sandy shores. From tangerine dawns and twilight evenings to stormy days and cotton candy afternoons, Barry’s rocky beaches are a flood of color and shapes that illicit the smell of salty air and the feeling of rushing water.


    Steve Rogers, a resident of Lewes, has loved boats and water all his life, centering his art career around them. He works in acrylics to paint traditional working boats in precise realism. Steve’s boats are not pampered fiberglass yachts, but rather hard-bitten and over-worked oystermen, crabbers, and menhaden steamers. His paintings capture the toughness and durability of everyday working boats and the beauty and terror of the weather in which they work. Steve’s depictions are incredibly accurate, down to the materials and construction of each particular type of vessel. His palette is rich with natural tones of ochre, umber, and rust set off by shadows in cool blues and stark blacks. His subjects glow with an ethereal aura, beckoning the shipmen back to shore.


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Peninsula Gallery Presents...
"Homage To..."

Contemporary Artists Paint in the
Manner of Historic Masters

Showing June 1 --- 23
Artist Reception: Saturday, June 1, 5-6:30pm

    Get an art history lesson with our June exhibition, “Homage To…”, where six contemporary artists paint in the manner of historic masters. From June 1-23, Jacalyn Beam, Sydney McGinley, Nina Mickelsen, Joe Milligan, Nick Serratore, and Nancy Richards West will display a collection of new work that honors a famous artist they have selected while still maintaining their own unique style and aesthetic. 


    An artist reception will be held on Saturday, June 1, from 5 to 6:30 pm and is free and open to the public. Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with some of the artists during the evening. Call (302) 645-0551 or email for further details.  


    Jacalyn Beam is a nationally known plein air oil painter, with her work being recognized across the country. Her work is included in various books and publications, including 100 Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters, Art Collector Magazine, Brandywine Valley Reflections, and more. In this exhibit, Jacalyn is paying homage to Edward Redfield, a Delaware Impressionist and Plein air painter. Her images mimic Redfield’s well-known scenery, brushwork, and style, most notably in the winter landscapes she features. 


    Sydney McGinley is a designated Master Pastelist with the Pastel Society of America. She has won national and international awards and has been featured in various established art publications. Her work is collected in the United States and Europe. Sydney uses her pastels to paint in the manner of American Impressionist, Mary Cassatt. The correlation between Sydney’s and Cassatt’s artwork lies in their figurative work, as both women capture the essence of the female form. Sydney will feature six new portraits in this show, three of which are stylized like Raphaelite sketches, leaving the original composition marks on the paper.   


    As a Finland native, Nina Mickelsen’s artistic roots are in Nordic design: clean, bright colors, bold shapes, crisp, strong lines — conveying energy, strength, and motion. She draws her inspiration from nature but also contemporary design. Nina’s chosen medium of silkscreening pays tribute to Andy Warhol’s revolutionary pop art pieces. Like how Warhol used brands and popular imagery to convey his artistic intention, Nina uses bold icons like Tabasco hot sauce, multi-color buoys, double-flavored popsicles, and more to craft her pop art images.


    Joe Milligan’s watercolors evoke a sensitive and emotional feeling of time and place, which can be attributed to his keen observations of the subjects and their surroundings. He is featured in galleries in PA, DE, and NJ, has received awards at regional art shows, and has appeared in books and magazines about the New Jersey coast. Andrew Wyeth is Joe’s muse for this showcase, embracing Wyeth’s atmospheric, moody, and rustic subjects. Like Wyeth, Joe’s paintings are void of people but their presence and spirit are always there, even if it’s just fleeting.


    Nick Serratore works primarily in pastels — a medium he feels can capture the tactile experience and majesty of the grand landscapes he depicts. Nick has featured in multiple solo exhibitions, participated in various charitable events, and won numerous awards. Since he was an art student, Nick has been influenced by the work of German-born artist Wolf Kahn. Nick’s technique harkens back to Kahn’s mark-making, which juxtaposes contrasting colors to blend warm and dark hues. While Kahn is known for his bright and colorful images, Nick has opted to craft muted and melancholic paintings for this exhibit, highlighting how he can take Kahn’s style and update it.


    Nancy Richards West has been painting professionally since 1971, with a focus on depicting the quiet beauty of wildlife and nature. She works in an array of styles and mediums but has focused on the ancient Asian art of Sumi-e painting, or ink-wash painting, for this exhibition. Nancy’s traditional Asian artwork is inspired by Sesshu Tōyō, a 16th-century Japanese artist known to be the defining master of Sumi-e landscape painting. Her work replicates Tōyō’s soft, misty scenes and firm and energetic strokes, allowing her contemporary images to evoke a timeworn appearance.     

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